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Visual Studio Team System Team Explorer 2010 RC1 /  v.2008

Visual Studio Team System Team Explorer 2010 RC1 / 2008 is an essential package for Microsoft Windows OS in which you can find a standalone rich client for accessing Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 RC. It enables users to join the software

Web User Booking System (WUBS)  v.2.1

WUBS (Web User Booking System) has been developed at Loughborough University Library to allow online booking of resources (rooms, PCs, etc) directly by end users. It has been in production use at Loughborough since October

Virtual Flight Booking System  v.1.0

Virtual Flight Booking System for use on the Network by Vatsim RTS's and Virtual Airlines

ORBS - Online Room Booking System  v.1.0

ORBS is an Online Room Booking System, designed for educational use. It can handle multiple rooms, and a two week timetable, full support for users and administrators.

Object Booking System  v.1.0

The Object Booking System will be a booking system for many different types of objects including computers, rooms, services, cars/vans etc...

Ferry Booking System  v.1.0

An online ferry ticket booking system using NHibernate as ORM tool and SQL Server as backend datebase.

Open Source Hotel Booking System  v.1.0

A focused, usable hotel booking system written in Java, Spring MVC (2.5) and Hibernate. The system allows hotel owners to describe their hotel, manage their bookings, and most importantly enable real time booking over the internet.

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server Power Tools  v.2.3

A set of enhancements, tools and command line utilities that improve the Team Foundation Server user experience.

Reservit Resource Booking System  v.303

Reservit is a web-based system for reserving and booking computers and other resources, for example in a library or computer lab

MDA Booking System - ITPR7.500 - 2007  v.1.0

Student development project: Design and build a Booking and Scheduling System for student project, based on fictional business entity.Written using VisualStudio.Net and SQL Server.

Meeting Room Booking System Pro  v.1.0

MRBS Pro is a complete rewrite of the existing MRBS system, for resource booking across multiple locations. MRBS Pro will include a full permissions system, a user configurable user-interface, & simpler administration, and is based on PHP5.x.

Output for Visual Studio Team System  v.1.0.1

SnagIt"s output for Team System lets you add screen captures to new or existing bugs with a single click. Stop trying to describe problems with tons of text " just show them. Plus, eliminate the hassle of attaching images! How will I use this? * Use

Study Room Booking System  v.1.0

This is a study room booking systems written in PERL with MySQL as the backend database, authenication against INNOPAC

Gliding Booking System  v.1.0

Online website for members to register to fly with a gliding club. Allows for booking of passener flights. Can be used for other booking applications by altering the language file. Highly customisable. Writen in PHP with a SQLite

CarShare Booking System  v.1.0

CarSharing System. This system will hanbdle the scheduling, invoicing, member management and administrative requirements for a car sharing system. It is specifically designed for sharing of vehicles, and includes fleet management applications.

Ski Club Booking System  v.1.0

A system for creating and administrating membership and bookings of a ski club.

Coach Booking System  v.alpha

This will allow a coach operator to be able to book out coaches to shows and other events. To be able to do all the business need for that company. This will be a vb 6 program. I want it to be able to do the books coach plans and be able to plan the

Event Booking and Reservation System  v.1.0

Flex 3 and J2EE (JBOSS) Event booking system using Cairngorm framework in Flex, and a mysql back end.

MyBooking System  v.1.0

an open source web based booking system writtern in PHP with MYSQL as the database

PHP Venue Booking  v.1.0

The phpvenuebooking system aims to be an easy to configure, manage, and modify artist booking system. Designed for artist managers, promoters, artist, bands and other venue events. ALPHA release in 2 days.

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